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June 2017

Lancaster Long Lancaster Castle


Lancaster International Film Festival is held in the historic city of Lancaster, England. The city is famous for its Castle, Cathedral and Priory, and was the location of the infamous Pendle Witch Trial of 1612.


The fourth Film Festival to be held in the city, it is our mission to bring to the people of Lancaster the best in Independent Filmmaking from around the world.


Over 95% of our programming is selected from our open submission process to allow new and emerging talents the opportunity to have their work recognised and brought to an audience.


We aim to have an engrossing selection of feature films, backed with a huge array of arresting short films, and a selection of short and feature-length documentaries.  


We have been a part of independent film distribution, independent movie making and the management of other International Film Festivals.  We are a family run business which we started in 2009, we currently have over 40 films in the market and have helped run five other film festivals. What started as a family passion has now become our life’s work.


We want to share with members of the public and visiting filmmaker the skills, joys and pitfalls in the success of bringing your vision to the silver screen.